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What makes spray foam so effective?

It controls moisture -- that's the big one. Forty per cent of heat loss is due to air movement, but the other 60 per cent is related to moisture. Heat moves with moisture. The warmer the air, the more moisture it can hold.Cold air means less moisture, which is why your hands and lips get dry in the winter when you go outside.But spray foam creates a barrier to stop moisture movement, which helps stop heat loss.

Spray Foam doesn't absorb moisture

Spray Foam doesn't absorb moisture so it won't compress and lose its R-value. You don't have to worry about it sagging in your walls and leaving open spaces the way batt insulation can. It has its own vapour barrier and it isn't harmful to your indoor air quality once it is cured.

Spray Foam :2lb Vs 1/2 Lb Foam

When we talk about spray foam, there's open-cell and closed-cell. Open-cell means the tiny foam cells aren't completely closed -- you can crush open-cell spray foam in your hands. But with the closed variety, the tiny foam cells are closed and tightly packed together. This makes the spray foam denser -- it's rock solid -- and increases its R-value (resistance to heat loss).

Spray Foam 2lb Closed –Cell

There's one product that has proven itself consistently on every job;there's nothing better. It does what good insulation is supposed to do.Closed-cell spray foam gives you energy savings by protecting your home from heat loss -- that's huge. It creates a complete thermal break in the building envelope. So if your home is normally cool in the summer, it won't be if it has spray foam, which stops heat loss even when it's hot outside. It doesn't let heat come in or out and it helps keep your entire home cool with minimal air conditioning.

Where is Spray Foam used?

  • Basements, Ext Walls, Exterior Foundations, Bonus room, Joist ends
  • Attics ceiling
  • Underside roof (this application must be approved by the city of Saskatoon)
  • Containers, Vans, Trucks, Trailers, Tanks, , Hot Tubs
  • Workshops, Quonsets,Garages, Walk in Coolers, Cold Rooms
  • Pipelines

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