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At KOMFORT INSULATION we offer sound insulation products for residential and commercial projects.

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Fiberglass batts are pre-cut for a tight fit in between wall studs. They're easy to install and are used to reduce heat loss of air leakage. Sheathing is an added protective layer on the outside of the exterior wall. It's essentially plywood that is nailed or screwed into the studs of the building.

Different Types of Exterior WALLS FOR YOUR HOME

Sometimes an exterior wall's structure provides the decorative finish, but most require extra material for decorative or weatherproofing purposes. For example, a brick or stone wall provides structure and finish, but a wood frame or block wall needs to be stuccoed or covered in siding. For most homeowners, the systems and techniques for these coverings become relevant only when they are faced with repairs. You will need to understand how these coverings are created if you want to match them on an extension, or if you wish to refurbish an entire section.

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